Alive & Well Productions

Performance projects by Annie Kahane

Alive & Well Productions creates and presents original performance made of movement, text and song. We mean for our work to be compelling, accessible and emotionally honest. Alive & Well Productions is a fiscally sponsored project of Dancers’ Group.

Alive & Well Productions was born out of a desire to blend spoken word poetry, contemporary dance, urban dance and live song. My intent is to generate material that appeals to a wide range of audiences in the way hip-hop does, but in an aesthetic that is heavily influenced by contemporary concert dance. I want our performances to strike audiences with their emotional authenticity, as theater and cinema sometimes do, and as dance often—no matter how narratively driven—does not. I am interested in audiences physically reacting to the work—nodding their heads in rhythm or being moved to tears. I believe this is possible by generating the work from a deeply felt, truthful place.